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Winter 2021 Sermons
January: BOOT CAMP
As we enter into the year 2021 there are very few things in the natural range to give hope. A vaccine has been developed, but we are still entrapped by a worldwide pandemic. Masks, six feet of distancing, overcrowded hospitals, consuming and often contradictory public policy statements, politics dominating decisions and of course the ever haunting word…DEATH!
Where do we turn as we enter a new year of more of the same? How do we respond, think, make our own decisions, and navigate such unchartered waters? We go to the Word of God.
There are five Sundays in January of 2021 and I will use them to let Scripture speak. Whether it is a word, a verse, or an entire story; we will let Scripture speak.
I hope you will join me in this ongoing journey with God. As a special note, we share in the Lord’s Supper on Sunday January 10th.
See you on Zoom Church,
Pastor Jeff

Note: Sermons are currently clipped from the Zoom recordings each Sunday, and will be posted as soon as possible, but hopefully not later than Tuesday evenings