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Church family,
​Everyone loves a good story! There is usually a lesson to learn, a moral to follow, a teaching to absorb, or a practice to practice.

Maybe Rip Van Winkle reminds us that naps are great, up to a point. Perhaps Little Red Riding Hood teaches us that if it looks more like a wolf than your grandma, then it is probably a wolf. Could it be that the Wizard of Oz has a moral for all of us to follow that has something to do with hot air? Just saying!!

The Bible is filled with stories and the New Testament Gospels are filled with stories that involve Jesus. The great thing about these stories is that “HIS stories can be YOUR story.” That theme will be the focus of our Sunday morning worship services in October and November. Stories! 

We will explore 8 distinct stories involving Jesus and discover what they can mean for our lives today.

Remember……..everyone loves a good story!!

Pastor Jeff

October 7 - The Danger of Judging Others
                    John 8.1-11

October 14 - The Widow's Mite Mark 12.38-44

October 21 - Following Jesus: Total Commitment
                    Luke 9.57-62

October 28 - Ordinary People  John 6.1-13

November 4 - A Closed Door - Ten Virgins
                        Matthew 25.1-13

November 11 - Clean Feet: A picture of a servant
                        John 13.1-20

November 18 - Sand or Rock  Mat 7.24-29

November 25 - Strangers: Small things matter
                        Luke 10.25-37