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Church family,
​So... how does prayer "work"? Is it about God being drawn to you? Or you being drawn to God?

Maybe it's both! The year 2020 at Allenspark Community Church begins with an exploration of these two questions and a few more. What better way to begin a new year!

Here is the journey we will take:
    January 5: The Potential of Prayer - How is entering God's presence even possible? The book of Hebrews has the answer.
    January 12: The Priority of Prayer - It's not meant to be your last resort. It should be the first. How do you keep it that way?
    January 19: The Power of Prayer - The Prophet Elijah displays boldness, faith, and courage in prayer. That's power!
    January 26: The Patience of Prayer - From God's perspective it is not the answered prayer that is most important. It is what God is doing in and with you through prayer that matters. Sometimes, that takes time.

Start your new year with Allenspark Community Church and a four-week study of prayer!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings! If you can't make it, click on the message you want to hear.

Pastor Jeff

January 5: The potential of prayer
    Hebrews 9.1-14
January 12: The priority of prayer
    Acts 12.1-17
January 19: The power of prayer
    1 Kings 18. 20-39
​January 26: The patience of prayer
    Joshua 3