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    Who is your one?
Church family:

There is a world of people who need to know Jesus. But our world, and too many churches, focus on that which will eventually come to an end; because all they are is “wood, hay, and stubble” (cf. 1 Cor 3.12). None of these things are eternal, but people are! People will either spend eternity separated from God [which is hell]; or united with God forever [which is heaven]. Contagious Christians are the ones who will make the difference that changes the world one life at a time.

During February and March we will explore some of the components of a Contagious Christian. Is there a person in your life that you are bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to? Is there that one person you think about and pray for? If someone were to ask you, “Who’s Your One?” what would your answer be? If someone were to ask you what you are doing about it, what would your answer be? Get ready, because for seven Sundays I will be asking you that question!

Pastor Jeff

Note: Sermons will be posted not later than Tuesday evenings

​February 2 - The Plan
    John 10.10
February 9 - The Problem
    Genesis 3
February 16 - Lost People matter to God
    Luke 15.1-24
February 23 - Authenticity wins
    Matthew 23.13-33
March 1 - Who's your one?
    Selected Scriptures
March 8 - Bridge Building
      John 4
March 15 - U.B.U.
        Selected Scriptures
March 22 - The Story
        Selected Scriptures