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January-March 2019 Sermons
Church family:

The church gathers on Sunday morning and scatters the rest of the week. It is on those Sunday mornings of worship and teaching that the church is strengthened. It is during the rest of the week, when it is scattered, that it grows.

The first twelve Sundays of 2019, January 6 through March 24, will provide an opportunity to study biblical principles that equip us for all of those moments we move beyond the walls of the church, for all the moments when we as a church are scattered.

They will challenge us to think about the potential life changing and eternal influence we can have in all of those moments when we move BEYOND.

Pastor Jeff

Note: Sermons will be posted not later than Tuesday evenings

January 6 - Looking Beyond our Walls
    Isaiah 58.1-12; Matthew 5.1-12

​January 13 - Keys to Success: salt and light
    Matthew 5.13-16

​January 20 - The Power of Service
    Luke 10.30-37

January 27 - Helping people to grow
    Ephesians 2.8-10

​February 3 - Nothing happens outside of Relationships - Luke 19.1-10

February 10 - Good News and Good Deeds
    Luke 4.16-19; Isaiah 61.1-6

​February 17 - From Mercy to Justice
    Micah 6.8

​February 24 - Vision (Isaiah 32.8)

March 3 - church has been cancelled due to weather! Stay warm and safe!

March 10 - Know the needs (Neh 1.1-11)

​March 17 - Organize (Neh 2.1-18)

March 24 - The Best is yet to come
​   1 Chronicles 12.32; Luke 12.54-56 

March 31 - What do I take beyond the walls?
    Selected Scriptures

Living a Life of Influence