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Advent 2019 Sermons
Advent 2019

Our theme for this season is "Expecting," as we look at the human side of Christmas. For instance, the Jewish people in the first century AD were looking for the coming of a victorious conquering king to deliver them from the power of the Roman empire. What they got, was a suffering servant who ended up crucified by the power of the Roman empire (humanly speaking... see Acts 2.23). They were expecting one thing, but got another. Maybe you can relate to that.

Of course, Mary and Joseph were expecting a nice Jewish wedding... and found themselves expecting a Baby that had not been even remotely in their expectations.

Through our Sunday mornings and Christmas Eve we will celebrate the Advent - the coming - of Jesus. Each message and advent reading will look at the Christmas story through human eyes, thoughts and emotions. 

Perhaps you might even see yourself on Sunday mornings, if you have been expecting things to turn out one way, and they've gone a completely different direction.

Let the unexpected Christmas Journey begin!

Pastor Jeff

Note: Sermons will be posted not later than Tuesday evenings

December 1 - Expecting a Messiah   
    Matthew 21.1-11

December 8 - Expecting a normal day
    Luke 1.26-38

​December 15 - Expecting the unexpected
    Luke 2.1-20

December 22 - Expecting nothing
    Luke 2.25-28

Bonus sermon! December 29: "Remember When"
    Joshua 4.1-7 and 19-24